Description : Her scars are soul deep Artist Cami Bolin has trust issues. Every man who should have loved her ultimately betrayed her. The word “father” leaves her cold, even when it applies to the one in Heaven, the one her current friends are trying so hard to get her to believe in. What does she need God for? She loves her work. She has a newfound granddad who treats her with a kindness she’s never experienced. She has all she needs, except there’s this guy… Temptation…or Divine intervention As a boy, Easton Cramer had two dreams. Convinced that his call to the ministry couldn’t coexist with his artistic aspirations he pursued his call and allowed his gift to languish. He’s a successful youth pastor, but there’s a part of him that remains unfulfilled. The yearning for more comes roaring back to life when Cami dangles a paintbrush in front of him. Sometimes, the best gifts are the ones we don’t know we need Easton is interested in more than just Cami’s paintbrush, but she isn’t a believer and doesn’t want to be. When he gets the idea to give his father a special painting for his birthday, he shares his sketch with Cami and offers her the commission. She sees his untapped potential and doesn’t buy his nonchalant attitude. She agrees to paint the picture—but only if Easton will take painting lessons from her. The more time they spend together, creating beauty on canvas, the more they like each other. When her trust issues collide with his faith, it’s not beauty they create but a mess only God can sort out.