Description : YOUNG LOVE FOUND. In 1970, seventeen-year-old Ruthie Arnold found the love of her life. Six months later, she lost him to the horror and confusion of war. With Elliott missing and presumed dead, Ruthie had no choice but to go on—carrying regrets and secrets she never dared tell another soul. Even though she eventually built a good life with a good man, the decisions she made in her youth haunt her. THE RAVAGES OF WAR. When Elliot Drake returned to the states in 1975, he searched for Ruthie. He found her—happily married and expecting a child. Though it broke his heart, he never contacted her. What good would it do to insert himself into her life after she’d moved on without him? CAN GOD HEAL THE WOUNDS THAT TIME HASN’T TOUCHED? A chance meeting forty-five years later brings a widowed Ruthie Gates back into Elliott’s life. He’s convinced that God orchestrated their reunion. Ruthie isn’t so sure. If she follows where her heart is leading, she’ll have to be honest about events that she’s never shared with anyone. Her secrets could drive a wedge between her and everyone she holds dear, including the man she never stopped loving.