Description : When dreams and reality clash. Piper Goodson is looking forward to all the firsts of being a mother. The first cry, the first glance, the first time holding the tiny life created by her and Evan’s love. But after an emergency c-section, sick from fear, and haunted by images of the past, Piper is barely aware that she's given birth. As she holds her daughter, a bone-numbing anxiety surfaces. Who is this tiny person, and where's the nurturing Piper had thought would come so naturally? The brat is getting exactly what she deserves. Madison Stanley is twelve years older than her sister and resents the interloper who stole her father’s time and attention. Even Piper’s willingness, two years before, to be a surrogate mother was suspect. But desperate for a child, Madison had agreed. That arrangement ended in the heartbreak of a still born baby girl. Madison blames Piper. Her baby would be alive if Piper had taken better care of herself.  Now she looks on in secret delight as Piper confronts her own struggles. A wolf in sheep’s clothing. As a mental health professional, Madison recognizes all of the symptoms of Piper’s postpartum anxiety, and she knows how to cash in on it. If she has her way, Piper will understand what it means to lose a child.