Description : Sage Hoffman wants what her sister has. A normal life. A husband. The works. But moving on from the trauma she survived during her late teens proves more than she can bear—especially when she’s haunted by the sound of a tiny heartbeat she never knew existed. Because of the one young woman he couldn’t save—his twin sister—Levi Tillis is on a mission to rescue others. He shouldn’t have time for romance… but he can’t help falling for beautiful and enigmatic Sage. Levi knows there’s a part of her she’s keeping locked away. And he wants to know all of her. But Sage thinks her secret is the one thing Levi could never understand or forgive. Is the God who brought Levi and Sage together big enough to heal two broken hearts? ***Possible trigger warning: main character dealing with emotional trauma from a past incest/rape. No graphic/explicit portrayal Get your copy of Sage, here: