Description : Get your copy of LACY here:   She had the perfect life, until she didn’t. Lacy Fields was so blessed, she felt like God’s favorite daughter. A husband she loved, a daughter she adored, and a soon-to-be granddaughter she planned to dote on. When a tragic accident wipes away two thirds of those blessings, everything in her life comes into question. Did God ever really love her? Can she forgive the man behind the wheel? Is there life outside of her grief? Could the sick, unwanted infant she’s rocking in the NICU be the answer to her prayers? He knew she blamed him But she’d never said so--until now. Cole Fields loves his wife, but he’s out of ideas about how to help her overcome the grief of losing their only child. Her silent condemnation, her growing distance from God, and her wild plan to rebuild their family make him fear for her sanity. Where do you go when life drags the rug out from under you…again? When things go predictably wrong and Lacy is faced with another empty nursery--and a second shattered heart—she’s convinced that she has nothing more to give and leaves everything behind. Can Cole’s prayers and God’s love convince her that life is better with her in it, or will despair finally put an end to her suffering?   Get your copy of Lacy here: