Description : She’s finally living her best life: Holly Hoffman hasn’t had an easy life. Thanks to parents who were more concerned with their drug habits than their daughters, she’s been making her own way for as long as she can remember. At twenty-four, she finally has her life as close to perfect as she can make it. Work is fulfilling, she has a new set of crafting friends, and the home she shares with her sister is more stable than any she had as a child. Perfect disintegrates when the nativity set she’s painting for a client comes to life in her hands. Delusion or the act of a God she’s never believed in? He never believed in love at first sight until he fell: Riley Soeurs returns to Garfield to manage the local food bank with great expectations and more than a little naivety. When God places the gorgeous and jaded Holly Hoffman in his path, complete with all the bitter baggage of her youth, he realizes that there’s more to his return than the food bank. There’s just one problem. How can Riley offer Holly the help God is urging him to give without further endangering his already smitten heart? Relentless pursuit: Between the nativity set and Riley, Holly is getting a crash course in love and forgiveness. Can she accept the healing that’s being offered, or will her stubborn heart keep her mired in the past? Get the book here: