Pages : 165
Description : A DIFFERENT SORT OF LOVE: At twenty-two, college student Ember Monroe thought she’d found her happily-ever-after in Quinn Abbott. All it took was one ill-fated night and the worst betrayal imaginable to rip those dreams to shreds. Now, almost a decade later, Ember’s happily-ever-after has a new look as she raises the two daughters of her deceased best friend. With a business she loves and a family she never expected, Ember has all she wants…until Quinn comes back into her life determined to break her heart a second time. HE ONLY WANTS HIS FAMILY BACK: Quinn went to prison for a crime he didn’t commit and it cost him every good thing in his life. When new evidence sets him free, all Quinn wants is a fresh chance with his children. Unfortunately the only way to repair his family is to tear Ember’s apart. GOD HAS HIS WORK CUT OUT FOR HIM: Can Ember find the forgiveness required to embrace the blessings God has for her? Can Quinn rebuild the family that was taken from him? It’ll take a miracle…Maybe God has one. Available from your favorite E-book store: