Description : What’s a girl to do? Iris Evans is all grown up and back in Garfield with a fresh license in Veterinary Medicine. A Christian since the age of twelve, Iris has always been the smart, compassionate, and outspoken darling of her family, working diligently to seek out and follow God’s plan for her life. She never expected that plan to include a friendship with the man who kidnapped her niece ten years ago, a friendship she’s kept secret for five years. A friendship sure to tear her away from the sister she adores. He had a plan David Morris had his life mapped out. Join the Marines, go to college, and come back to Garfield to serve on the police force with his uncle. Maybe marriage and kids down the road. Good plans until a friend accused of a heinous crime causes an accident that left David blind and bitter and clueless about what happens next. Now David wants nothing to do with the God he served so faithfully. It seems as if his dreams abandoned him along with his sight. Surrender isn’t an option When David’s faithless bitterness runs headlong into Iris’s no nonsense Christianity, something has to give. How can love triumph when hearts are so far apart? Buy the book here: