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Description : A preacher was not on her radar… Raised by a preacher who cared more about his flock than his family, Lisa Garcia isn’t interested in betting her heart against the ministry a second time. Transplanted from Los Angeles, Lisa is struggling with life in tiny Harrison, Texas. She’s looking for direction. She’s looking for purpose. She was not looking to be attracted to the handsome youth pastor from the neighboring town. He’s searching for all the things he never had… Life in an orphanage left David Sisko with a touch of OCD, a call on his life, and a hunger for more. The beautiful but disorganized Lisa Garcia punches all his buttons, but she also soothes a hurt deep inside his heart. He might be able to see a future for them if he could just figure out why she keeps pushing him away. Sparks fly… With four weeks to complete a project for Sweet Grove’s Christmas-in-April project, Dave and Lisa struggle to work together while they ignore the electricity between them. When misunderstanding breeds temper and temper breeds confrontation will they be open to a makeover made in Heaven? ***A shorter version of this book was previously released under the title: LOVE’S EXTREME MAKEOVER.***