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Description : A last ditch effort to save her marriage Fresh out of college, Alexandra Conklin said I do to a handsome young minister. They filed for divorce less than a year later, proceedings they halted when Alex learned she was pregnant. Twenty years later, Hunter’s ministry is thriving while Alex struggles to put a happy face on her husband’s daily neglect. What choice does she have? None until those forgotten divorce papers surface—valid, filed, and legal. A man on a mission Throughout the twenty years of his ministry, Hunter Conklin has given everything—his time, his attention, his passion—to the pursuit of what God called him to do, leaving nothing but the leftovers for the most important people in his life. When his wife moves out, he’s forced to examine his life. What he finds is a home where he’s more visitor than occupant, children who rarely see him outside the church, and a wife who smiles to hide her loneliness. Is this what God had in mind for him…for his family? Pastors are people too With a youthful misunderstanding hanging over their heads and pressure from their congregation mounting, Alex and Hunter scramble to find a balance between her expectations and his priorities before everything they’ve worked for crumbles to dust at their feet. BUY HERE