Pages : 189
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Description : HOW WRONG SHE WAS Eight years ago, Sydney Patterson’s ex-husband used threats and fear to coerce her teenage daughter into the unthinkable. Haunted by guilt and condemned by her in-laws, she flees to Garfield Oklahoma to build a new life. Now, with a new job, new friends, and a new commitment to Christ, Syd is rebuilding, confident that no one ever needs to know a thing about her humiliating and shameful past.   BE HER FRIEND After five years of widowhood, Mason Saxton wants more than friendship with the pretty blonde he met at his son’s wedding. He’s praying about it, and the only thing he’s heard from God is an injunction to “be her friend.” He’s more than willing to start there---at least he was until a vile misunderstanding sends him reeling.   A MATTER OF TRUST AND FORGIVENESS A marvelous future hangs in the balance, and it all depends on Syd’s ability to trust and Mason’s willingness to forgive. How will these two new believers reconcile the past with the future?